6 alternative things to do in Mykonos during summer 2016

You chose this island for the fun, the sun and cosmopolitan feel. But..

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

6 alternative things to do in Mykonos during summer 2016

1. Horse-riding

Horseland offers a wide range of horse-riding trips, inviting you to explore the island's landscapes and wild life, while enjoying a safe and memorable experience. The organizers respect each rider's needs and provide all necessary insurance and safety equipment to insure an enjoyable ride. They are horse breeders, as well as horse riders and horse-riding teachers, and you can visit their farm with rescue animals, while at the Horseland premises. They also offer two types of hotel transfer, Landrover or Limorover, so that you can reach them in style and with no fuss!

horse riding in Mykonos island

Now, to the point: they offer various trails and experiences on horseback. You can choose between a two-hour picturesque trail next to the island's natural water reservoirs or opt for a three-hour horseback ride to a beautiful beach, which also includes swimming, sunbathing and eating at a sea-side tavern.

      The Horseland menu offers plenty of specials as well:
    • For aspiring models: A two-hour professional photo shoot on horseback, during which you can actually swim with the horse!
    • For couples: Riding into the sunset with your beloved and enjoying a candle-lit dinner at the beach
    • For weddings: horse & carriage arrival to the church
    • For parties: covering any enty-on-horseback related option...


      More info: mykonoshorseland@hotmail.com

2. Kart-racing

Located at Elia beach in Ano Mera, Raceland is fully-equipped kart-racing venue, complete with all necessary equipment, protective gear, speedometres, chronometres and, of course, kart-vehicles to suit all ages and driving effeciency levels.

kart racing mykonos greece

It operates from 10 am to 3 pm daily and offers a unique training and driving experience, under the supervision of kart-racing professionals. The driving-seat is open to anyone, aged 5 and above, and the vehicle categories at hand include: baby kart, mini kart, four- stroke 270cc, four-stroke 400cc and two-stroke 125 cc.

So, if you are looking for a bit of adrenaline pumping, in a small but fast mechanical vehicle, be sure to include Raceland into your things-to-do-in-Mykonos list.


      More info: info@racelandmykonos.com

3. Mini soccer

Another fun, all-age appropriate activity that you can share with your friends or use as an excuse to excercise and mingle with the island's like-minded locals and tourists. Mini soccer is quite popular in Greece, since it combines the all-time-favorite mediterranean sport of soccer with hanging out and goofing around with a couple of your closest (or more cardio-vascularly trained....) friends.

mini soccer 5x5 mykonos greece

At Korfos Mini Soccer you can form teams of 5 with your friends to compete in mini- tournaments or just show up and be included in other teams that need more players to participate in independent, one-off games. Their contemporary and safe facilities offer a 5x5 soccer field, which can be used until late into the night since there is ample lighting, fully equipped with a resting area, a cafeteria, changing rooms and showers.

Parents may also organize soccer-themed kids' parties at the establishmend. All in an effor to promote the athletic spirit, even in the most cosmopolitan island of the Aegean!


      More info: korfos5x5@yahoo.gr

4. Tennis

It sports terms, it doesn't get more exclusive than this: tennis is the true aristocrat of sports, glorifying precision, strength, stamina and... polished outfits! So, if it's tennis you want to practice during you stay in Mykonos, then Mykonos Tennis Club is the place to be: its two courts (fast hard and carpet) have been recently resurfaced to meet international quality standards. Court 1's new super soft doppio surface can now even host high profile tennis tournaments, the likes of which Mykonos often sees.

tennis club Mykonos

The working hours extend from 8 am to 11 pm, so you'll definately find the right time to test your serve and fast ball...


      More info: niktennismyk@yahoo.gr

5. Beach volley

The ultimate beach sport, complete with impressive jumps, creative handshakes and team spirit in swim suites, beach volley can be randomly played in most of Mykonos' beaches. But it is at Panormos beach that it reaches a new level: both of their organized beach- volley courts host some of the most exciting matches, with amateurs and professionals alike completing for a place in each summer's hall of fame.

mykonos volleyball team

So, if you are looking to really break a sweat under the hot Mykonean sun or just in the mood to admire beautifully trained bodies bouncing on the sand, Panormos is the way to go.


      More info: moments@panormosmykonos.gr

6. Open-air cinema

One of the best things to do in a Greek summer night and every cinema-lover's vacation dream, open-air cinemas remain popular throughout the country. Watching a classic film or a recent blockbuster under the stars, smelling the jasmin from the near-by balcony or the calamari frying in the tavern next door, is a one-of-a-kind delight that you need to experience to truly appreciate.

Cinema open air Cinemanto Mykonos

Cine Manto at Chora, named after the famous heroine of the Greek Revolution (Manto Mavrogenous) is a magnificent specimen of Greek open-air cinema: located in a botanical garden, equipped with the latest technology but exhibiting a well-rounded catalogue of classic and modern titles, it offers a different and unique night-out-on-Mykonos-town, which can be preceded or followed by a coffee, a drink or a fine meal at their bar- restaurant.

cinema at mykonos town

 open air cinema island mykonos

    More info: info@cinemanto.gr
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