Mykonos: The Rainbow Island

Mykonos Gay Friendly Bars n Clubs

Mykonos Gay Friendly Bars n Clubs

Mykonos Gay Friendly

In the words of a beloved TV character, the one and only Samantha of “Sex and the City” fame, “first come the girls, then the gays, then the industry”! In the case of Mykonos, there was only one girl, but quite a girl it was: Jackie Kennedy-Onassis fell in love with the island from the first time she set her foot there, back in 1961. During the years to come, she frequented Mykonos’ shores and stores and was soon followed by her rather exclusive entourage, mostly consisting of artists and moviemakers.


Despite being rather old-fashioned and reverent believers of the Christian Orthodox religion, as most people in Greek province are, the Mykonians historically welcomed all visitors on their island with open hearts and minds. It didn’t hurt that said visitors had more than a few bucks to spend as well… Enter the industry! And to be more precise, the tourist industry, which started flourishing on this small Cycladic island as early as the late ‘60s!

The roaring ‘70s and crazy ‘80s were definitely the peak of Mykonos’, gay-welcoming craze, with a number of exclusively gay resorts operating in most parts of the island. After a relative decline in the ‘90s and ‘00s, Mykonos has come back strong in the gay-friendly map, keeping the same open-mindedness, but less of the ‘labeling’. Everything here invites you to relax and enjoy, no matter how you wish to spend your time. With no sign of homophobia anywhere to be seen, all establishments are predominantly gay-friendly, everyone is welcome to the party and it is perfectly OK to be quiet and intimate too.

Still, Mykonos remains a LGBT favorite and there is even a festival to prove it! XLSIOR was initially launched in 2009, as a fun and luxurious getaway event, no boundaries and no questions asked. 10.000 people joined in the fun that very first year, to enjoy a complete holiday experience with the best beats, beautiful faces and mind-blowing settings on the island. Mykonos’ best clubs, beach bars and DJs co- operate in the production of the festival, making it one of the most exclusive international Summer Gay Festivals that grows bigger every year. A staggering 30.000 crowd participated in the festivities last year, all connected by the universal language of music and love. XLSIOR 2016 will take place from 17 th until 26 th of August.

XLisor Mykonos

All areas, beaches and bars included, are gay-friendly zones in Mykonos, with Elia, Paradise, Super Paradise and Paranga beaches deserving an honorable mention for sporting impromptu solid gay regions.

    As far as the bar scene is concerned, you can’t go wrong with any of the following choices:
  • - Glam Mykonos (+30 6932470060): Serving cocktails named after famous singers and actresses from 10 p.m., this large space features two main bars, dance floor, elevated stage and real showers for impressive dance shows. There is nothing like a Madonna (or a Pink or a Paris Hilton or even an Eva Mendes) in the morning!
  • - Sunset Cabaret (+30 22890 23952): Located in one of the few hotels advertised as almost exclusively gay, the Elysium, this is the most popular spot to enjoy the sunset over the water – hence the name!
  • - Jackie O’ (+30 22890 77168): Of course there is a bar named after the ultimate gay icon! Jackie O’ remains a must-visit place at the heart of the old harbor. Right on the sea wall and (scandalously) close to the famous Paraportiani church, it exudes a retro glam vibe and hosts nightly drag shows with Len Gyzel and Pricilla.
  • - Lola (+30 22890 78391): A lively cabaret hosted by Gilles and Dimitr welcomes a mixed crowd every night, there to enjoy their excellent service and extensive cocktail list.
  • - Porta Bar (+30 2289027087): Almost hidden away in one of Chora’s narrow streets, this place exudes an almost subterranean feel, complete with easy listening tunes, two bars, small dance floor and delicious cocktails. Try the spicy mango daiquiri!
  • - Babylon (+30 22890 25152): offering a choice between an indoor and outdoor space, a nightly cabaret starting at 1:30 am sharp and themed parties in the summer, this is one of the hottest places to be and be seen.
  • - Montparnasse (+30 22890 23719): originally known as Siempre Viva back when it first operated in 1983, it soon came to be called simple the ‘Piano Bar’, serving breakfast in the morning and cocktails in the evening, always with a side of piano tunes. Re-launched in 1994, as Montparnasse from a space that used to house an art gallery, it remains a standard in Mykonos, which has also gone global (just check out their Conde Nast entry).
  • - @54 (+30 22890 28543): A recent addition to Mykonos’ club scene, this cute new space welcomes mixed crowd with live DJs.
  • - Kastro (+30 22890 23072): With a 30-year presence in the nights of Mykonos, this fan favourite bar and restaurant offers a small balcony overlooking the Aegean, an intimate and relaxed atmosphere and a specialty in fruity cocktails.


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