The ultimate guide to Mykonos


Mykonos is one of the islands of the Aegean Sea and specifically is included to Cyclades complex. The capital of Mykonos is Chora, located on the western side of the island. Ιsland' s  area is 86 125 sq. km and has a coastline of 89 km. The island was one of the first Greek islands that developed its tourism instrafacture. Already in the 1960s flocked tourists to the island. Today the nightlife of Mykonos is you can say that is the most vibrant and active in Europe and we can say globally. The most famous part of the island country called 'Little Venice' because of its similarity to the Venice city of Italy.

You can say that Myconos, is a little diamond in the Greek seas, described as cosmopolitan, too much charming, picturesque everyday and most of all sophisticated. Mykonos is known at the world for the windmills, rocky hills, sandy beaches and ofcourse the wild nightlife.

The capital of Mykonos, Chora, is consisted of pretty, lilltle combined white houses, built around cobbled, winding, narrow streets, mixed with small chapels
with red domes. You can also find first class bars, top restaurants with the best distinguished Greek chefs, and simple traditional tavers for all tastes.


Promises the most exciting vacation

You can say that Mykonos is the Ibiza of Greece (or Ibiza is the Mykonos of Spain?). It is probably the most famous island in the country. The nightlife of Mykonos stimulates the senses of the visitors with a variety of clubs, bars, cafes, live music, restaurants, cafes and seaside taverns.

From midday already the party starts, mainly centered at the area of ​​Little Venice. The whole area around the 'Little Venice', Castle and the windmills is a place to sit and watch the sunset as the day goes by, enjoying the alternation of colors in the sky.

Mykonos is probably one of the few islands offering unlimited vacation and great expectations ...

Map of Mykonos

How to get to Mykonos island

You can reach Mykonos from Piraeus port:

In a daily basis at 07:00 there are ferries and speedboats starts from Piraeus leaving for Mykonos. Mykonos is 94 miles southeast of Piraeus port.
The trip with the boat is approximately 5 hours. At the same route, the ferrie stop in other three ports: Syros-Tinos-Mykonos.
The trip by speedboat is about 3 hours with a variety of routes. High-speed returning late afternoon in Piraeus and departing again during the afternoon hours, 16: 30-17: 00.

You can reach Mykonos from Rafina port:

In a daily basis at 07:15 ferries and speedboats starts from the port of Rafina to the islands of Andros, Tinos and Mykonos. The only small passenger speedboats and that vehicles are not allowed is giving out two services per day during winter months and in less than 2.5 hours you can reach the old port of Mykonos. Mykonos is 74 nautical miles southeast of Rafina.

Useful phone numbers:
Rafina Port: Tel. 22940 22300 or 22940 22487/Strintzis Lines Rafina: Tel. 22940 23150/Seaways Lines Rafina: Tel. 22940 24660/Aqua Lines Rafina: Tel. 22940 23300/Mykonos Port Authority: Tel. 22890 22218/General Telephone Information for ferries: Tel. 1440/Athens Bus Station: Tel. 210 821-0872 or 210 823-0007/Bus Station Rafina: Tel. 22940 23440

Finally you can reach Mykonos by plane:

Two Greek companies are running daily flights to the island of Mykonos. In the summer months the service is very regularly and Mykonos airport accepts and great wealth of international flight.

No matter how you arrive in Mykonos, you will have perfect time.

The best beaches in Mykonos

Mykonos swimming

One of the most important  tourism asset of Mykonos, which makes it stands out among all the islands of the Aegean (or all Mediterranean islands), are Mykonos wonderful beaches.

Here are without any doubt the most and best beaches you can encounter on such a small island. Especially in the south of the beautiful bays with sandy beaches follows one after another.

All these beaches  can be reached by car or motorbike. Because of the specificity of the road radial network of the Mykonos, many of the southern beaches also connected by boats which run regularly all day throughout the summer, which is  a very interesting excursion activity opportunity.


Which are some of the best locals food products in Mykonos?

Mykonos traditional food tastes

Mykonos, behind the headlights of fun and parties, really hides some special products and refined flavours that reveal images and traditions of the other side of the island. We can say that cuisine in the taverns and restaurants is inclusive with many ethnic flavours, but if someone noticed more detailed will see that many of the multinational dishes using local products, such as tyrovolia, Kopanisti and Mykonos salami in order to reach that flavour level.

Things to do in Mykonos

Mykonos experience guide

Mykonos is the most special island in the Cyclades. Synonymous with fun, formerly with international and domestic stardom, destination for student tours, the island certainly surrounded by myths. On the other, Mykonos is particularly beautiful and is ideal for all types of holidays that everyone can choose. Moreover, it has the advantage that any season to visit it, you will find world and have a good time. Click to see what you should have done before you leave the island.

Mykonos realtime photos
Mykonos Museums

Mykonos through the ages: visiting the island's museums

Proof of human civilisation on Mykonos has been traced as far back as the 3rd millennium b.C., and it seems that the island has been vibrant with life and activity ever since!

Restaurants in Mykonos (with international cuisine)

International Flavors of Mykonos

A true cosmopolitan knows how to appreciate tastes and flavors from many different parts of the world, and this Aegean hotspot isn't any different: you might have found yourself in the heart of the Mediterranean, but you may still dine out in another continent each night during your vacations in Mykonos.

With inspiration ranging from Asia to Argentina and from Italy to New Zealand, restaurant owners in Mykonos have really gone out of their way to provide abundant dinner options for the international crowd. Each year, the island's restaurant scene has something new to offer, while many of the more established venues maintain the highest quality standards.


The Alternative Mykonos

Would you like to take a stroll in a monasterial vineyard while listening to Beethoven's Fifth?

Would you like to take a stroll in a monasterial vineyard while listening to Beethoven's Fifth? Or get acquainted with Mykonos' rural landscapes riding on your bicycle? How about restoring your mental and physical balance or enjoying a healthy dinner named after a famour movie star? Mykonos has a little something for everyone, even those supporting a healthier life-style!



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