Best restaurants of Santorini

Since the Greek mythology offers plenty of those, wouldn't it be fun if we paired the famous Dodekatheon with the top twelve gourmet restaurants in Santorini and some of their most exclusive, mouthwateringly delicious menu items?

Koukoumavlos Restaurant

Koukoumavlos Restaurant

Perfect for a date with: Zeus

Location: Fira

Non other than the Father of the Gods himself, Zeus certainly deserves the best of the

best for a night out. Blasterous and insatiable, ruler of the weather, protector of fertility and

hospitality, he would surely satisfy his many cravings with a five-course dinner at


Creating culinary art for more than 26 years, the executive chef Nikos Pouliasis is

renowned for his ability to transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinarily original

dishes, as well as for his powers of re-invention, which landed him and Koukoumavlos an

astounding record of 13 consecutive wins (2002-2015) at the Toque d' Or (Golden Hat).

Menu picks:

  1. Organic tricolore quinoa with red mullet fillet, tomato crust, lobster broth, seaweeds, wasabi mousse & ouzo jelly
  2. Scampi on a white cholocate sauce, ginger and lime flavours, served with golden herring vaciar and green apple carpaccio
  3. Mini duck burgers with foir gras, strawberry ketchup and green salad with Greek delights (loukoumia)
  4. Gyros of marinated veal cheeks on mango chutney and macaron with yogurt cream
  5. perfumed with ginger and mint
  6. White eggplant tiramisu on an almont praline base with vintage Sherry mousse and dark chocolate sauce
Nichteri Restaurant in Santorini

Nichteri Restaurant in Santorini

Perfect for a date with: Athena

Location: Kamari

Goddess of wisdom and culture, Athena would arguably appreciate a fresh modern take

on traditional dishes, like those served at Nichteri.

Born and raised in Santorini, chef Vassilis Zacharakis has made it his goal to give

Santorini visitors an authentic taste of the local gastronomy and make great be a food part

of the island's cultural identity.


Menu picks:

  1. Vineleaf risotto with smoked salmon tartare, fennel and lime
  2. Fish fillet brantada on potatoe soup with garlic, tomato paste and nakame
  3. Greek Halva samolina with green apple pure, thyme honey jelly and honey fig ice-cream


Perfect for a date with: Ares

Location: Vlychada

God of war, Ares could be seen fighting over a table at this 20-year-old traditional fine fish


Psaraki's menu is simple and honest, with it's insistence on the return to the basics of

Greek cuisine matching its excellence in skill and quality to satisfy even the most intense

culinary quests.

Menu picks:

  1. Crab salad with avocado, spring onion and Santorini cherry tomatos
  2. Fresh fish carpaccio
  3. Grilled sardines with herbs
1800 restaurant

1800 restaurant

Perfect for a date with: Hestia

Location: Oia

Protector of family happiness and hearth, Hestia would feel like home at this 19th-century-

captain-house-turned-gourmet restaurant.

With a couple of Toque d' Or awards of its own, 1800 gives out a sense of warmth and

authenticity. It's inventive cuisine and artful dish presentation have been coveted by fine

diners from all over the world for the last 30 years.

Menu picks:

  1. Chloro (fresh) cheese mousse with smoked salmon and horseradish
  2. Champagne risotto with fennel, spinach, clamps and white truffle oil
  3. Crispy lamb in seaweek crust with olives and terragon
  4. Mascarpone sorbet with green olive confit
Selene Restaurant

Selene Restaurant

Perfect for a date with: Hera

Location: Pyrgos

A true matriarch, although constantly vexed by Zeus' many indiscretions, protector of

marriage and fidelity, Hera definately deserves a taste of Selene's distinctive menu.

Included in many “Best Restaurants in Europe” lists and also decorated with Toque d'

Or, Selene has been a Santorini culinary trademark for the past 30 years. In 2010, its

owners decided to move the restaurant from Fira to Pyrgos village, to keep it close to the

vineyards which produce the wines that so delicately compliment its menu.


Menu picks:

  1. Quail with red sweet pepper ketchup, carrot puree, baket beet, beer jelly and poached apple
  2. Sea bass in a bread & herbs crust with sea urchin risotto
  3. Rabbit stifado with black swine prosciutto, onion dolmas, rosemary oil and peach compote


Perfect for a date with: Artemis

Location: Fira

The Godess of nature and all animal life would appreciate Apiron cuisine's dedication to

the exquisite presentation of the best ingredients Santorini has to offer.

Steadfastily faithful to Greece's old traditions and simple flavor-packed local produce,

Apiron remains the ideal choice for an elegand and fancy dinner overlooking the Caldera.

Menu picks:

  1. Warm eggplant salad prepared at your table
  2. Sea bass fricasse
  3. The legendary shrimp kritharotto


Idol Santorini

Idol Santorini

Perfect for a date with: Apollo

Location: Fira

God of light, divination, dance and music, Apollo would definitely have a demanding

palate, eager to taste santorinian creative cuisine.

Based on Greek dishes and embelished with the most beloved and rare ingredients of the

Mediterranean cuisine, Idol's dishes are extremely tasteful, both on the tongue and the


Menu picks:

  1. Dakos (rusk) with colored cherry tomatoes, capers, apples, figs, white cheese ice-cream and olive oil powder
  2. Smoked fava beans with beetroot jam & marinated gavros fish
  3. Sea bream fish baked on paper, served with stuffed tomato balls


The Bone

The Bone

Perfect for a date with: Hephaestus

Location: Fira (on the main road to Firostefani)

God of fire and volcanos, Hephaestus surely deserves a little pampering on an island

created by a volcanic eruption and home to a new fine meat restaurant.

The Bone chefs are spoilt for choice every morning at the local market. They care not only

about the quality and originality of their menu, but also about the exquisite service

provided to their guests.

Menu picks:

  1. Beef carpaccio with rocket leaves, lime & graviera flakes
  2. Chicken spagget with fresh mushrooms flavored with brandy & thyme
  3. Pancetta “Ofti” (roasted cripsy pork) with sea salt crystals and fresh fried potatoes


Sea Side by Notos

Sea Side by Notos

Perfect for a date with: Hermes

Location: Perivolos

News-bearer, messenger to the Gods and protector of commerce, travellers and thieves,

Hermes is the perfect date choice to indulge in this fine restaurant's inventive, modern and

exuberent cuisine.

Sea Side by Notos invites us to a journey across the world, combining ethnic elements

with traditional receipes and techniques to create funky culinary remixes.

Menu picks:

  1. Sea food pouch with marinated tuna, guacamole, tomato ratatouille & aromatic herbs
  2. Musaka with shrimps & crab meat
  3. Santorini fava on smoked trout mousse
  4. And their trademark banoffee dessert!


Have a taste of the beautiful presentation below:

Sunset Ammoudi by Paraskevas

Sunset Ammoudi by Paraskevas

Perfect for a date with: Poseidon

Location: Ammoudi

The God of sea, rivers, fountains and all water elements, Poseidon has surely earned a

sea-front table at Paraskeva's famous fish restaurant.

With over 30 years of experience and honorary mentions in some of the world's best

culinary magazines, Sunset Ammoudi is renowned for the special care, freshness and

raw taste of its menu.

Menu picks:

  1. Bourekia: stuffed eggplant
  2. Tomato keftes
  3. Fisherman salad
  4. And the mystic lobster past: a recipe which kyra Margarita guards with her life!


Ambrosia Santorini

Ambrosia Santorini

Perfect for a date with: Aphrodite

Location: Oia

Where would you take the Godess of beauty and love out to dinner, if not to one of the “12

Most Romantic Restaurants in the World”?

Ambrosia boasts a spot in this coveted list, as well as a delicate neo-classic Greek

cuisine, enriched with international flavors, fresh local produce and one of the best views

in the world.

Menu picks:

  1. Sauteed shrimp with shrimp essense in mastic sauce place on an avocado half
  2. Grilled lamb cutlets sented with mint, red grape and nutmeg flavored potato puree
  3. Dark chocolate leaves on a white chocolate mousse with fresh strawberry and sauce Anglaise




Perfect for a date with: Demetra

Location: Firostefani

As a Goddess of the earth, food, plants and agriculture, Demetra should be first in line to

taste the delicate dishes served here.

With fresh local produce arriving and the restaurant daily, Mylos' menu offers a fusion,

contemporary international cuisine and disturbed Greek flavors.

Menu picks:

  1. Split peas with smoked sea shells, tomato water jelly & caper leaf tempura
  2. Red fruit & vegetable gaspacco with little olive marengue & rosemary sorbet
  3. Lighly corned lamp with new potatoes
  4. Chocolate canvas



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