Discover UP Living

Welcome to your comfort zone

Prime location

Whether its on the Water Front or with a Breathtaking view or in the City Centre or next to a castle , we guarantee that your UP LIVING accommodation will be Prime Located.

Comfort inside

Beds & Mattresses made only with 100% natural materials

Sleep on nature with COCO-MAT

When you think about it, comfortable and relaxing sleep perhaps can be the number one factor for a great vacation. Thanks to COCO-MAT’s all-natural sleep products, you know you are getting the best. Click to visit COCOMAT official website.

Natural Euphoria

All rooms are equiped with ammenities with 100% natural materials from the Greek land and olive oil.

Inspiration through simplicity

All rooms are renovated & re-equiped under the specs of minimalism and comfortness.

Guaranteed refinement

Mobile Concierge Services

UP Living entity include the "UP request" mobile application. You can use our mobile app in order to request basic services from the hotel manager.

All you need is your phone!

Get the Power of UP Living concierge services on Your Phone while you are relaxing  at one of our hotels.

With our App you have access to UP Living concierge services, and with a simple push you can request everything in real time. You can make the check-in in order to acknowledge you are in the hotel. You can also use the app in order to ask for cleaning, fresh bed equipment or bath supplies. 

Soon available to download for iOS and AndroidOS.

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